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The members of Forces Law are experienced in all aspects of criminal law and our members are well equipped to deal with cases at Police Stations and before all Courts. Some members of Forces Law are Solicitor Advocates and as such they are able to provide additional early assistance and representation before the Courts for more serious cases.

In general we deal with all criminal matters before the Magistrates, Youth Courts, Crown Court and Human Rights issues.

Matters of serious crime include:

  • Murder
  • Serious Assault Offences
  • Serious Sexual Offences
  • Fraud (general and white collar)
  • Serious drug offences (smuggling and supplying)
  • HM Customs & Proceeds of Crime Act issues
  • Enterprise Act issues
Other criminal matters include:
  • Cases brought before the Department of Trade and Industry (Insolvency corporate and personal
  • Company Fraud etc
  • Cases brought by the Trading Standards Departments
  • Cases brought by the Office of Fair Trading
  • Cases brought by the Health and Safety Executive
  • Cases brought by other agencies (RSPCA; NSPCC etc)


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