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The members of Forces Law, having extensive experience dealing with every aspect of forces life, are the first choice for those seeking family and matrimonial advice.

When a relationship breaks down, whether it is a marriage or a 'living together' arrangement, the speed of resolution of the problem and therefore, familiarity with the services' system is absolutely essential.

There are normally several choices available and we can help you decide which is the cheapest and best suited to your needs.� It may be divorce, separation, dissolution of a civil partnership, a mediated children dispute or one using collaborative law.

Timely advice from lawyers, skilled in the intricacies of service life (eg. Queen's Regulations, DCI's AGAIS) and their effect on money applications to court covering Child Maintenance, the Child Support Agency, lump sum and transfer of property applications, claims for possession of married quarters and the touchy subject of claims for gratuities / resettlement grants and pension is absolutely vital. We have the expertise to advise on ways you can attempt to preserve your pension, commuted lump sum and gratuity having full regard to the complex area of pension sharing in the Armed Forces Pension Scheme.

Children's issues of residence (custody) and contact (access) applications for permission to temporarily or permanently remove a child from the jurisdiction of the court, need to be resolved quickly to avoid unnecessary emotional distress to the children themselves and the parents.

The fact that Forces Law members are familiar and well-versed in service procedures, makes us a primary point of contact to resolve these stressful problems within the shortest possible time. The fact that we have this specialist knowledge invariably means a more knowledgeable and economic service than others, without a service background, may provide.


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