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The Minstry of Defence has, for many years, maintained that it is an Equal Opportunities employer and that it does not and will not, discriminate against anyone. Despite this significant principle, as with many situations found in civilian life, there are incidents within the Forces, where personnel are not treated fairly by their line manager.

Examples of this, some of which have received wide scale publicity during the last few years, include incidents of gender discrimination relating to pregnancy & physical ability and homosexuality.

The issues of harassment, discrimination, victimisation and bullying should be pursued within strict time limits. An individual should commence a complaint in accordance with the procedure set out within the Armed Forces Redress of Individual Grievances (Procedures and Time Limits) Regulations 2007. The normal time limit for any service complaint is within 3 months of the problem arising

Very often, as a result of applications for a service complaint not being compiled in the appropriate way, the applications may be dismissed and aggrieved members of the Armed Forces, may need help in pursuing matters further. In addition, there may be a necessity to commence Employment Tribunal proceedings within a relatively short time frame.

The form of proceedings may be complex and advice should be taken to provide a more thorough guide to the form of complaint and the solution which is required.

Not only do these matters apply to members of the regular Armed Forces, the reserve forces are also protected by the same acts of Parliament and regulations which are available to protect their regular counterparts.


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