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We offer a wide range of services to meet the legal needs of serving personnel and their families, as well as retired service men and women. We are able to offer legal advice on all matters, from civilian issues to courts martial, calling on our members wealth of experience, in every matter relating to forces life.

courts martial
If you are a member of the Armed Services, Army, Navy or Air Force whether regular, reserve or territorial or you are a civilian living abroad under the jurisdiction you can if you commit a criminal offence be tried by Court-Martial.
resettlement grants
With resettlement grants burning a hole in your pocket, proper advice should be obtained before you put your money down and who better to help you than civilian lawyers who have been in the market place all their lives.
forces help to buy scheme [LSAP]
Sick of forces accommodation? Itching to get on the property ladder? Eligible personnel who used to receive an interest free loan of up to £8,500 which can be put towards the security of buying a house under LSAP scheme can now apply for up to £25,000 towards house purchase.
criminal law
The members of Forces Law are experienced in all aspects of criminal law and our members are well equipped to deal with cases at police stations and before all courts.
forces employment
The Minstry of Defence has, for many years, maintained that it is an equal opprtunities employer. Despite this there are incidents within the Forces where personnel are not treated fairly by their line manager.
family law
The members of Forces Law, having extensive experience dealing with every aspect of forces life, are the first choice for those seeking family and Matrimonial advice.
Whether it is a member of the Family involved in a car collision, repayment of a debt or damage caused to your home or property, fast effective and good value advice and assistance from Lawyers who understand the Armed Forces is essential.
personal injury
Sometimes accidents happen - at home and at work. If the accident was caused by someone else, you might have a claim against them entitling you to compensation, either from them or their insurers.
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