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Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen, former service personnel, their families all trust the military and civilian medical profession to look after their health but sometimes mistakes are made. It could because of wrong or delayed treatment, or even a failure to spot that help is needed at all.

If this has happened to you, you may have a claim against the medical staff or their employers entitling you to compensation, to be paid by them or their insurers.

Forces Law members are experienced in recovering compensation for service personnel and their families ranging from a few hundred pounds to several million pounds, depending on the injuries.

Forces Law Solicitors are familiar with career structures, promotion, pensions, and subsidised housing and can include claims for these in the claim for compensation. They sometimes amount to the largest part of the claim.

Always remember that in most circumstances medical negligence claims have to be started in the Court before the third anniversary of the accident or of the date on which you can reasonably be expected to know you had been injured - otherwise it is too late to bring a claim. This even applies to servicemen who are still serving who wish to make a claim in connection with their work. Do not delay until you leave it may be too late.

Your Forces Law Solicitor will tell you about the best way to fund your claim and how much it might cost. It could very well be that when the claim is finished you will not have anything to pay because the other side will have paid most if not all of your Solicitor's costs. Until then your Solicitor will be able to tell you whether he is prepared to act for you on a Conditional Fee basis (generally known as No Win, No Fee) so that your Solicitor will share with you any risk in conducting your case.

Claiming military medical negligence compensation can take time but your Forces Law Solicitor will be happy to help and guide you throughout.


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