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Wills are not just for active service

Hopefully, most of us will live to a ripe old age, but none of us can be sure when we will die.

It is probably the last thing on your mind, if indeed, you have ever given it any thought.  The plain and simple fact is we will all, without exception, die.  In life your assets are yours to do with as you please, in death a Will, of your making, will determine where your assets will go.

Failure to Create a Will

Your most trusted family member, your closest friend or indeed your beloved pet, can all benefit from a Will.  However, with the exception of the pet how many times do we hear of bickering amongst siblings and friends, over Assets they are only receiving as a result of someone’s death.  Have you considered who might benefit as a result of your death?  If you co-habit, your Assets will not automatically go to your partner.  If you do not leave a Will, your Assets automatically go to your blood relatives.  Even in marriage or civil partnership without a Will, your Assets may not all go to your spouse or partner.

Your Security in a Will

A Will allows you to:-

  • Appoint someone to carry out your wishes (your Executor) after your death
  • Appoint a Guardian for your children
  • Give directions about your funeral
  • Make provisions for your family
  • Take account of second marriages or partners

Yes you can make a Military Will using MOD form 106, but we have seen disastrous results if you receive no guidance as to how to fill it out.

For example, we know of a young soldier sent to Iraq at the age of 18, who in his 106 Will gave all his estate to his mother in the mistaken belief that she could use any or all his Death in Service Compensation for his younger step brother with learning difficulties.

Sadly the soldier was killed in action and his mother was immediately disentitled to her state means tested benefits as she was not described as a Trustee of the money.

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